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Student’s Journal of Health Research Africa (SJHR-Africa) is an open-access journal that includes all branches of Medicine and health research to narrow the knowledge gap in Africa, (ISSN 2709-9997).  The journal is peer-reviewed and promotes research on the African continent by accepting original research ideas from African students who are doing research.

We are the journal for African students that believes in sharing information for free. Publishing in a total of 39 sections, SJHR-Africa is here to meet the needs of an African student. We believe that when we integrate Knowledge from different academic disciplines, Africa will be a complete ecosystem with adequate scholarly materials to bridge the knowledge gap.

As the world becomes more integrated, our scope extends to biological sciences, Vocational studies that have an impact on health such as Agriculture.  Informational technology, Environmental science, Business studies, and planning have also shown to influence Health. The journal brings together individual specialties from different fields into a dynamic academic mix. We intended to enhance communication among health system researchers and administrators, policy and decision-makers, legislators, practitioners, educators, students, and other types of professionals in the research that might have an effect on the healthcare delivery systems.



Current Issue

Vol. 4 No. 9 (2023): September 2023 Issue
Published: 2023-09-15

Section of Case Reports

Section of Educational Studies Research

Section of Non-communicable Diseases Research

Section of Community and Public Health Research

Section of Business Studies Research

Section of Haematology and Blood transfusion science

Section of Pathology, and Histopathology

Section of Pediatrics and Child Health

Section of Pharmacology and Chemotherapeutics

Section of Radiology and Radiotherapy

Section of Biochemistry

Section of Anesthesia and Surgery Research

Section of General Medicine Research

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