Title- Epidermal inclusion cyst- Usual and unusual sites


  • Tulika Singh PMCH
  • Dr Pallavi


Epidermal inclusion cyst, implantation, Pilosebaceous unit, Squamous epithelium



Epidermal inclusion cysts ( EIC)  are the most common cutaneous cysts and can occur anywhere on the body. These cysts can occur anywhere on the body, typically present as nodules directly underneath the patient's skin, and often have a visible central punctum. It commonly result from the trauma to the pilosebaceous unit in the hair bearing area. In areas without hair, these cysts are considered implantation and proliferation of squamous epithelium into the dermis due to injury.



It is to evaluate the clinicopathologic details of the usual and unusual sites of the Epidermoid cyst.

Material & Method

Patients of epidermal inclusion cyst encountered over a period of 1 year from January 2023 to December 2023 were evaluated. A total of 70 cases were studied retrospectively. The clinical details including age, gender, sites and dimensions were noted. The histopathological findings were evaluated and correlated with the clinical findings.



The highest incidence was observed in the age group of 21–30 years (21.4%, 15/70) and the most common affected region was the head and neck region (60%, 42/70). The size of cysts ranged from 0.3 to 9 cm in diameter with a mean of 2.1 cm. The unusual sites observed in this study were one at the plantar aspect of foot and one at dorsal aspect of foot. Three cases were reported from the upper eyelid, one from the breast, one from the chest, two from the gluteal region, and one from the finger. Histopathological findings included rupture of epidermoid cysts with giant cell reaction.



Epidermoid cysts are common benign intradermal or subcutaneous tumors,

but they can have unusual presentations and histopathological findings. Epidermoid cysts need early diagnosis and treatment as they can cause cosmetic and functional impairment.




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