End of year Message


Dear Colleagues,

Greetings from the Student's Journal of Health Research Africa.

We appreciate you for being a good audience for the peer-reviewed articles we publish. We thank you all authors for contributing to the different issues throughout the year. Special thanks to the leaders of the academic institutions that have embraced the concept of publishing original findings in our Journal, and inviting our capacity-building team to share at different workshops.


The December 2022 issue publication date:


We are pleased to inform you that the December 2022 issue will be released on Friday, 30th of December 2022.


Upcoming December Holiday:


Our domestic and international section journal editors will break off for a holiday from 23rd to the 27th of December. If you reach out over the holiday, we will do our best to get back to you quickly when we are back in the office on Wednesday, December 28th. In case of any urgent issues, please get in touch with our coordinator, on his personal email serunjogidavid16@gmail.com or WhatsApp him at +256702986663 for quick assistance.


Feedback from peer review:


All authors who have received feedback about your submission please are reminded to respond to them and submit it back to the editorial office as soon as possible for consideration. For those who have not received feedback, it’s because the submission is still under review, and once the reviews come in, we shall be able to share them with you in a period not exceeding 3 working days.


Clearing with the Billing Office:


Authors whose manuscripts have been accepted for publication we congratulate you. We have already sent you an invoice, and a reminder to clear with our Billing department as early as possible as your failure to pay the publication fee shall compel us to exclude your research paper from the issue. In case you have paid the fee please forward your transaction details at the earliest for our reference and necessary action. Please note that authors from South Africa, West Africa and Asia whose submissions are scheduled for publication will NOT be affected due to failure to make payments by the publication date. Your case will be handled on an individual basis. 


Other Publishers Contacting you:


It has come to our attention that several publishers are contacting everyone who has published with us, requesting for your research, and asking a fee ranging from 559,580.25 UgX to 7,900,900.65UgX to publish with them. We highly suspect that they will contact you as well. We have failed to confirm the authenticity of these publishers, and it’s on this note that we want to inform you that we are not associated with them. Kindly consult with faculty heads before you make a decision. Our investigation shows that they take advantage of the visibility we give your published articles and they collected all emails of corresponding authors attached to the articles. As a journal, we shall remain committed to making sure that your article remains visible to both domestic and international audiences. 

We wish you well ahead.